Whether you need only information or help in running your restaurant we are ready to lend assistance. Our mission is our company directive. We will provide you timely answers to your questions while sharing essential solutions to alleviate any foodservice related problems. We are committed to satisfying the "right to" the independent nature you seek. The EATFLEET mission and promise is to make right your restaurant operational efficiency because when something is right, it's not just nice or reasonable or even beneficial - it becomes essential.

EATFLEET unites small, independent foodservice businesses. This unification delivers… 
· Best-in-class service and support
· Highest quality products and serivces
· Competitive national account pricing
· Superior Corporate citizenship
· Individual and company accountability 
· Financial stability
· Leading "channel of choice" technology

EATFLEET supports the independent nature of its member through the strength, innovation and efficiencies generated by the group.