No “clubs”, no “free” trips, just straight forward national contracts, open books, and our commitment to affect your bottom line. EATFLEET is about assisting you to take full advantage of national purchasing contracts. Our Member Business Analysts help Members make the necessary adjustments to realize additional savings. Your Member Business Analyst is a true partner - guiding you to lower food costs and further operational efficiencies as part of their employment responsibilities to you.

EATFLEET members have a centralized on-line administration resource for the procurement and distribution of value-added products and services negotiated specifically to benefit our community. Members will have access to a variety of discounted non-core business services including:

Available Now 

  • Broadline Food Distribution 
  • Coffee 
  • Fire Safety
  • Fresh Bakery
  • Website Design & Internet Marketing
  • Human Resources Outsourcing 
  • Linen and Apparel Services
  • Merchant Card Services 
  • Payroll Processing
  • Office Supplies
  • Secret Shopper 
  • Waste Management Services

Coming Soon 

  • Computer Equipment & Support 
  • Culinary Development
  • Business Insurance 
  • Hospitality Management Services
  • Local Marketing Programs
  • Menu Consultation and Design
  • POS Systems
  • Restaruant Concept Development
  • Staff Training